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How Looie Works


Cutler Whitely


225 Dyer Street, 2nd Floor

Providence, RI 02903

How to get started?

Download the app, find our Looies, and scan in to use! It's simple fast, and easy.

How to pay for a Looie?

Walk up to the door and pay - again, we're here to make life less complicated. :)

How to feature a Looie on my property?

Contact Cutler Whitely (contact information at the top of this page) and he'll get you started right away.

I lost my login details

No worries, simply follow the prompts on the homepage of our app.

How to refund payment?

In need of a refund? Contact us at the email address above and we will deal with the issue as soon as possible.

How to delete my account?

Easy, simply delete you account via the app you logged in with. 


Looie luxury portable restrooms
luxury portable restrooms
luxury portable restrooms
luxury portable restrooms

Get Looie App Now

Looie luxury portable restrooms

For Further Questions, Submit Your Ticket Here

Contact below!

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